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Meeting attendance

Wednesday, 20th March, 2019 7.00 pm, Cabinet

Venue:   Swale House, East Street, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 3HT

Contact:    Democratic Services, 01795 417330
Democratic Services Officer

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Councillor Sarah Aldridge Committee Member Present
Billy Attaway Officer In attendance
Tracey Beattie Officer In attendance
Councillor Andy Booth Visiting Councillor In attendance
Councillor Andrew Bowles Chairman Present
David Clifford Officer In attendance
Councillor Mike Cosgrove Committee Member Present
Estelle Culligan Officer In attendance
Councillor Duncan Dewar-Whalley Committee Member Present
Councillor Angela Harrison Visiting Councillor In attendance
Councillor Mike Henderson Visiting Councillor In attendance
Councillor Alan Horton Committee Member Present
Councillor Nigel Kay Visiting Councillor In attendance
Charlotte Knowles Officer In attendance
Councillor Gerry Lewin Vice-Chairman Present
Kellie MacKenzie Officer In attendance
Councillor Padmini Nissanga Visiting Councillor In attendance
Glyn Pritchard Officer In attendance
Councillor David Simmons Committee Member Present
Graeme Tuff Officer In attendance
Nick Vickers Officer In attendance
Emma Wiggins Officer In attendance
Steve Wilcock Officer In attendance
Councillor Ted Wilcox Visiting Councillor In attendance


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