Borough - Thursday, 7 May 2015

Election summary for Wards
Wards Elected candidates Elected party or parties Time declared
Abbey Bryan Mulhern Conservative
Abbey Anita Walker Conservative
Bobbing, Iwade and Lower Halstow Duncan Dewar-Whalley Conservative
Bobbing, Iwade and Lower Halstow Ben Stokes Conservative
Borden and Grove Park Mike Baldock UK Independence
Borden and Grove Park Nicholas Hampshire Conservative
Boughton and Courtenay George Bobbin Conservative
Boughton and Courtenay Andrew Bowles Conservative
Chalkwell Ghlin Whelan Labour
East Downs Colin Prescott Conservative
Hartlip, Newington and Upchurch Gerry Lewin Conservative
Hartlip, Newington and Upchurch John Wright Conservative
Homewood Alan Horton Conservative
Homewood Roger Truelove Labour
Kemsley Mike Dendor Conservative
Kemsley Susan Ann Gent Conservative
Milton Regis Roger Clark Conservative
Milton Regis Katy Coleman UK Independance Party
Minster Cliffs Andy Booth Conservative
Minster Cliffs Adrian Crowther UK Independence
Minster Cliffs Ken Pugh Conservative
Murston James Hall UK Independence
Murston Samuel Koffie-Williams Conservative
Priory Michael Scott Henderson Independent Group
Queenborough and Halfway Cameron Beart Conservative
Queenborough and Halfway Richard Darby UK Independence
Queenborough and Halfway Peter Marchington Conservative
Roman Sarah Aldridge Conservative
Roman Paul Fleming UK Independence
Sheerness Mark Ellen Labour
Sheerness Mick Galvin UK Independence
Sheerness Angela Harrison Labour
Sheppey Central Tina Booth Conservative
Sheppey Central June Garrad UK Independance Party
Sheppey Central Ken Ingleton Conservative
Sheppey East Lesley Ingham Conservative
Sheppey East Padmini Nissanga UK Independence
St. Ann's Mike Cosgrove Conservative
St. Ann's Nigel Kay Conservative
Teynham and Lynsted Lloyd Bowen Conservative
Teynham and Lynsted Mike Whiting Conservative
The Meads James Hunt Conservative
Watling David Simmons Conservative
Watling Ted Wilcox Conservative
West Downs Monique Bonney Independent Group
Woodstock Derek Conway Conservative
Woodstock George Samuel Conservative