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Public consultation Borden Parish Conservation Areas


The Conservation and Design Manager introduced the report which proposed boundary changes to three out of the four Borden Parish conservation areas and recommended that they be formally re-designated under section 69 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act, 1990.  Members were asked to note the representations made by interested parties to the public consultation on the character appraisals and management strategies documents.  Members were also asked to support the proposed changes in response to the consultation, as set-out at Appendix II of the report, and recommend to Cabinet that they be agreed.   The Conservation and Design Manager considered that the proposed changes would better reflect the special characteristics of the three conservation areas in question (namely Borden – The Street, Chestnut Street and Harman’s Corner). 


The Conservation and Design Manager reported that there were some minor errors including typographical errors in the public consultation version of the conservation areas review document.  He confirmed that these would be amended prior to being considered by Cabinet and being adopted.  The Conservation and Design Manager further reported that he had been made aware that two of the public consultees had not received consultation letters. 


Members were invited to ask questions.


In response to queries from Members, the Conservation and Design Manager confirmed that item 2.1 on page 9 of the report should read “…and in the whole borough by 2030” not 2020 as stated.  The Conservation and Design Manager referred to Appendix II on page 90 of the report, and explained the rationale to extend the Chestnut Street Conservation Area to the northeast to include a group of important historic buildings and include former areas of post-medieval quarrying at the southeast side.  He stated that this would be to recognise the contribution the buildings in question made to the special interest of the Chestnut Street Conservation Area.  In the case of the areas of former quarrying, to capture this area within the boundary of the conservation area, whilst recognising the important role that the area of land played in providing part of the immediate setting to the group of high-graded listed buildings, at the heart of the conservation area.


The following points were raised:


·         Welcomed the report;

·         concerned about the lack of response to the consultation; and

·         officers needed to investigate why principal landowners had not received consultation letters.


The Chairman moved the following motion:  That any consultation responses received prior to Cabinet on 17 March 2021 would be tabled at that meeting.  This was seconded by Councillor Richard Palmer.  This was agreed by Members.


The Chairman moved the recommendations in the report and these were seconded by Councillor Richard Palmer.




(1)          That any consultation response received from the parties whom did not receive their original consultation letters would be considered, providing any such responses were received prior to the Council’s Cabinet meeting on 17 March 2021.  Any responses received from the parties in question to be tabled at that meeting.




(1)          That the content of the public consultation draft of the combined character appraisals and management strategies document produced for the review, and the representations made on this by interested parties, the details of which were set-out in the report be noted.


(2)          That the changes to the review document proposed by officers in response to the representations received during the course of the public consultation be supported and agreed by Cabinet.

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