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Planning Working Group

To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 25 January 2021 (Minute Nos. 423 - 525).


To consider application 20/500887/FULL - 224-226 Minster Road, Minster-on-Sea, Sheerness, Kent, ME12 3LL.


Additional information added 4 February 2021.


The Minutes of the Meeting held on 25 January 2021 (Minute Nos. 423 - 425) were taken as read, approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


20/500887/FULL – 224-226 Minster Road, Minster-on-Sea, Sheerness, Kent ME12 3LL


The Area Planning Officer responded to questions raised at the virtual site meeting.  He explained that if approved there would be a condition setting out the standard hours of construction.  He advised that the pavement was 1.5 metres wide and the access road was 4.5 – 6 metres wide, with the wider part being to the front of the two proposed properties.  The Area Planning Officer showed photographs of Porter Close at weekend and evening times, as requested at the site meeting.  He reported that a further objection had been received with regard to the width of Porter Close not being wide enough for utility and emergency vehicles.  The Area Planning Officer referred to the Manual for Streets government guidance which stated that curb-to-curb a road was required to be 3.7 metres wide, although this could be reduced to 2.7 metres over a short distance.  He confirmed that the kerb-to-kerb width of Porter Close was 4.7 metres to 5 metres, and so it complied with the Manual for Streets.  Following approval of the side extension at Barton House, the Agent had submitted an amended plan to indicate where the parking space would be re-located.  The Area Planning Officer said that condition (14) in the report (12 November 2020) would need to be amended to reflect the change of drawing number.


The Chairman moved the officer recommendation to approve the application and this was seconded by the Vice-Chairman.


A Ward Member, who was also a member of the Planning Committee, spoke against the application.  He considered it to be an over-intensive, back garden development and that it was out-of-character with the area.  He also raised drainage and parking issues. The Area Planning Officer responded to questions on the location of the parking spaces for Barton House and reminded the Ward Member that this was not included within this application.  He explained that the parking for this development would now be in front of the two new properties.  The Ward Member raised concern with the impact of residential amenity due to the lack of space to the front of the new properties, with the footpath so close to them.  The Area Planning Officer said that this was a similar arrangement with other properties in the area, and the footpath at this location was unlikely to be heavily used.


Members were invited to debate the application and points raised included:


·         Concerned with access to the properties;

·         loss of amenity space;

·         these used to be large gardens, now with the addition of two new properties, there was far too little space;

·         this was over-development;

·         too much was being ‘crammed-in’;

·         the access was not good; and

·         drainage issues.


In response to a further question, the Area Planning Officer explained that the length of the new gardens was 10 metres long; and the existing properties gardens were now 9 – 13 metres long.  This was considered an acceptable level of amenity space as the gardens were 9 metres wide.  He added that the distance between the dwellings to the north of the site was 31 metres, and with a minimum of 21 metres expected, it complied with the council’s normal standards.


Resolved:  That application 20/500887/FULL be approved subject to conditions (1) to (14) in the 12 November 2020 report, with an amendment to condition (14) to reflect the amended plan number.



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