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Junction of Highsted Road/Swanstree Avenue, Sittingbourne


The KCC Programme Manager introduced the report which summarised previous investigations and development work on proposals to install a footway on Highsted Road between its junctions with Farm Crescent and Swanstree Avenue, Sittingbourne.  He referred to previous options which included a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) of the school land, but this was not possible due to lack of road safety issues with a pattern of injuries.  The KCC Programme Manager said that the alternative option was a one-way system and he drew attention to the plans for this contained in the report on pages 78 – 89.  He explained that the one-way system would run north to south with an extended footway and the approximate cost of the scheme would be approximately £30k, funding for which could be bid from the Local Transport Fund.


Members discussed the proposal and raised points including:


·       Supported action in a dangerous and busy location but concerned for the impact a one-way system would have on Brenchley Road and rural area;

·       had there been discussions with the school to keep the land but run a footpath through it on the boundary?;

·       school unable to use land for sports due to trees on boundary;

·       little progress made to address the issue over many years;

·       suggested footpath previously taken out through Fulston Manor and Highsted school grounds be re-instated;

·       critical of lack of co-operation from the school;

·       did not agree that CPO powers should only be used in locations where there were road safety issues supported by a pattern of injuries;

·       issue had been under discussion for a long time and action was needed;

·       concern with displacement of traffic;

·       not supportive of one-way system or closing Highsted Road;

·       parked cars on Bluebell Drive/Crocus Drive would cause issues of passing if one-way scheme implemented;

·       affect on residents from surrounding villages travelling into Sittingbourne;

·       a one-way would have a positive impact on the amount and flow of traffic in Highsted Road;

·       speed limit should be reduced in Highsted Road;

·       a one-way was not an inconvenience for safety’s sake; and

·       if the footpath could not be reinstated, one-way traffic was the other option and the costs of the scheme would be of benefit.


County Councillor John Wright proposed that KCC went back to the school to propose that the footpath through Highsted and Fulston Manor schools be reinstated unless land could be made available for a safe footpath on land in the school’s ownership at Highsted Road and that if this proposal was not able to be facilitated, KCC to commence the option to close part of Highsted Road by Swanstree Avenue/Brenchley Road so that traffic could not travel down Swanstree Avenue/Brenchley Avenue into Highsted Road.  The proposal was not seconded. 


County Councillor John Wright amended the proposal to state that KCC went back to the school to propose that the footpath through Highsted and Fulston Manor schools be reinstated.  This was seconded by Councillor Mike Baldock and on being put to the vote Members agreed.




(1)  That KCC go back to  Highsted school to propose that the footpath through Highsted and Fulston Manor schools be reinstated.

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