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Petition - Extension to Residents' Parking Scheme Park Road, Sittingbourne

An update report following submission of a petition by Councillor Simon Clark at the Swale JTB meeting held on 24 June 2019 and for Members to consider the recommendation to take no further action.


Members considered the report of the Seafront and Engineering Manager provided an update on the petition from residents of Park Road, Sittingbourne which was submitted to the Swale Joint Transportation Board (JTB) meeting held on 24 June 2019.


There was a short break whilst Members considered the tabled update.


Members referred to the consultation carried out to seek residents’ views to extend the residents’ parking scheme in Park Road, from the junction with Valenciennes Road south to the junction with Gore Court Road/Ufton Lane.  In the debate that followed the following points were raised:


·         There was a strong steer in support of extending the residents parking scheme;

·         there were strong views on both sides, dependent on which part of the road a resident lived;

·         implementation of the scheme might displace parking;

·         the strongest views came from those affected more;

·         many residents were against extending the scheme but more were in favour; and

·         different parts of Park Road experienced parking issues at different parts of the day.


Several Members spoke against the officer recommendation and on being put to the vote, the recommendation was refused.


Councillor Mike Baldock proposed that the Residents’ Parking Scheme in Park Road, Sittingbourne be extended as far as the Ufton Lane junction, and a further consultation be carried out to include this proposal. On being put to the vote, Members agreed.


Recommended to Cabinet:


(1)  That Members note the report and a further consultation with residents to include extending the Residents’ Parking Scheme in Park Road, Sittingbourne as far as the junction with Ufton Lane, Sittingbourne be carried out.

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