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Highways Work Programme


The Board considered the report which provided an update on the identified schemes approved for construction in 2018/19.


Machine Resurfacing (page 76)


In response to a question from a Member, the District Manager confirmed that works to Avenue of Remembrance, Sittingbourne  would be carried out overnight, and explained the process of planning works with other utilities if possible.


Surface Treatments (pages 77-78)


A Member drew attention to works carried out on less-used roads in the Borough and highlighted that it would be more economical to resurface Sheppey Way than fill the potholes.


Street Lighting Column Replacement (pages 78-79)


A Member asked if there was an update on replacing the concrete lamp columns in Raleigh Way, Minster?  In response, the District Manager advised that a large scheme replacing lamp columns was due to start and he would find out the information required.  A Member highlighted the savings that would be made and thanked the officers involved in the scheme.


A Member spoke positively about the replacement of street lighting with LED lanterns but said that the new lighting had less coverage and suggested that additional lighting or lights with greater coverage was required.


POST MEETING NOTE:  The District Manager advised that work on concrete  units was likely to start in Swale within the next three months and that the overall completion for the concrete  replacements was currently May 2019, in line with the LED Project completion.  The outstanding LED conversions and the ornate LEDs in Swale would hopefully be completed by the end of January 2019, subject to weather and availability of road space.


Developer Funded Works (pages 80 – 84)


A Member was disappointed that despite the development at School Lane and Sheppey Way, Iwade being completed a long time ago, the road infrastructure improvements had not been carried out and the entrance was in the wrong position.  He asked that KCC continue to pressure the developers to carry out the required work.


A Member reported that work to the kerbstones was complete at Scocles Court, Minster but the waterflow was now diverted onto the road.


A Member asked for details of the traffic calming plans in Power Station Road, Halfway and advised that works at the Old Dairy, Halfway was now complete.


The Chairman asked to be kept aware of the design submissions for the Love Lane/Graveney Road, Faversham development.


Integrated Transport Schemes (page 85)


A Member asked for details of timescales of work on the A2/A251 junction, Faversham.



A Member advised that Rushenden Road, Queenborough was now complete and asked for an update on the Queenborough 20mph scheme.


Public Rights of Way (page 85)


A Member asked for an update on footpaths ZPF4 and ZPF5 at Faversham Creek.


A Member asked for an update on footpath ZR147 West of Tunstall.


A Member welcomed the completion of the works to footpath ZR531.


Bridge Works


A Member drew attention to the increase in the price of the Creek Bridge and asked for an update.


The District Manager agreed to arrange for responses to questions to be circulated to Board members.




(1)  That the report be noted.

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